Testimonials and Awards


"Debs’ story and her paintings are an inspiring testament to the power of the human spirit and the power of art to transform and heal. Debs has learned how to attune and manage her sensitivity and hold its power in a warm embrace, feeding her creativity. She brings forth and shares her unique view of the world born of the alchemical mix of pain, loss and sorrow, with joy, compassion and love expressed in her art.  At the beginning of her healing journey, Debs first used her paintbrush to gather the broken pieces, the fragments, slowly mending and remaking a beautiful multi-coloured, multi-textured cloak of protection around herself. Fired by her passion and generosity, and from a place of strength, knowledge and experience, Debs now shares and unfolds her warm, rich cloak outwards as an invitation for others who wish to join her on the journey." -  Dr. Jane Myat, GP, co-founder of The Listening Space, council member for The College of Medicine

" I wanted to say thank you to you Debbie. Your courageous story has changed my practice as a G.P. I used to think art was an augmentation to our medical guideline based tables and psychological therapies. You have proven otherwise. I need to listen more to 'what matters to you'. " - Dr. Farzana Hussain The Project Surgery London. 

"I have been impressed with how you continuously push for more support for people with disabilities. I feel that there are improvements that society needs to make in order to not only provide more support to individuals with physical disabilities, mental health difficulties and learning difficulties, but also to how they value the sheer wealth of knowledge, experience and insight they bring. I know that you always see the ‘able’ in disabled, you are a very strong voice and beacon for individuals with disabilities and you ‘fight’ for us at every single opportunity" - SWK


Yorkshire Woman of Achievement (Courage) 2016 - Shortlisted candidate 

Health and Care Top 70 Stars 2018 (I am number 5)

Excellence awards SWYPFT - Outstanding Achievement 2016

ADSHEROES Respect and Dignity award 2018

Publications (chapter)

Inspiring Women - Inspiring Women March 2023

Pharmacy Movement  -How to Prescribe Social and Digital Medicines 2018 

Publications (media, reports, reviews or educational)

CREEK'S - Occupational Therapy and Mental Health (sixth edition) 2023

Pearson BTECH National - Applied Psychology 2023

Metro Newspaper  Painting lessons saved my life.11 May 2022 

Yorkshire Post Woman who was told by doctors she would never work again reveals how art changed her life.10th March 2022 

Platinum magazine June 2021 edition.  

The Asset-based Health Enquiry - How best to develop social prescribing. London South Bank University 2019

NHSE case study. Social prescribing linked me to art which saved my life 2018

Realising the value of individuals and communities: delivering Chapter 2 of the NHS Five Year Forward View. 7 Sept 2016

Mental health today magazine. On the record. May/June 2015.

Public Health Today Magazine. The Final word. Sept 2015 

Yorkshire Standard. Inspiring artist Debbie who beat depression hosts first solo exhibition. 1 July 2014

A Picture of Health. Mental health first aid/Barclays bank. Canary Wharf London. Art exhibition. 4th Feb 2014

Yorkshire Life magazine. A colourful answer. Oct 2013 

Halifax Evening Courier. Debbie beats depression with painting. 2 Aug 2013